• Raven for Kids Getting DIRTY for a GOOD cause
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
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Our kids need help!

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  • Bank account no: 4410589
  • IBAN: NL82INGB0004410589
  • Raven for Kids Foundation
  • Sittard, The Netherlands

Do you need an incoive? Please send an email to info@ravenforkids.com.

We would like to introduce ourselves:

"I remember that my childhood was without worries and everything was always perfectly managed. I have been brought up in a working-class family and my parents worked hard their whole life. They gave their children a safe living environment. Therefore I am very grateful. Hunger or uncertainty about tomorrow never was an issue. Every child should be able to experience that feeling. In 2004 I visited the Philippines and i was dumbfounded. No news on tv or radio can transmit the feeling you only experience when you see it with your own eyes. Deeply touched by the situation and the desperateness, we decided to give these children a better future!"

John Raven, chairman


"My first memory of the Philippines will last a lifetime. In 2004 I arrived at the airport of Manila in the pourring rain. We drove in a luxurious van to our hotel and in front of us was an old car. Two soaking wet kids were knocking on the windows of that car. Oh my, those parents forgot their children, so I thought. They were street-children begging for money to survive... That harsh reality touches you deeply. Those kids need help! And that is what we do with Raven for Kids. Together with family and friends."

Levina Raven, secretary


"My father and sister traveled several times to the Philippines. They've met many poor people living in this beautiful country. Touched by the misery and the poverty my father and sister thought: 'How can we help these children?'. When you see pictures or images of underprivileged kids then you only want to do one thing: help them. Give them a better future. We do that together."

Sander Raven, treasurer


"In October 2006, I have been spending one week in the Philippines, for work. My colleagues and I were hosted in an amazing luxurious hotel in the center of Manila, while I could see so many poor people in the streets, and especially kids, no further than 200 meters from the hotel. I thought this was incredible that in the 21st century things like this could still happen, but when you see it with your own eyes, you realize it. When I later met John, Levina & Sander, and when I saw that they were so involved in helping those kids, I decided to join them. We are so lucky to live in rich european countries, and it's really nothing for us to give a bit of our time, money, sweat, soul, to support those kids. Join us!"

François Laurent, board member


"Nowadays not many people realise how lucky they are and even less people take the initiative to help those who don't have anything. Raven for Kids does help others and cares for underprivileged children. The moment I met the volunteers of Raven for Kids I wanted to help. Immediately. And you can help as well. By helping others!"

Hichem Kraimi, board member