• Raven for Kids Getting DIRTY for a GOOD cause
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
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R4K in the newspaper!

Raven for Kids in the French newspaper!

On the 15th of February 2013 a journalist interviewed the three girls Lisa, Emmy and Sarah for a French newspaper, Nice Matin. Like real stars they brushed their hair and changed their outfit to look good on the picture!

Because the girls are going to walk the Mini March on March 30th in Sittard, Holland, we have to promote this event to raise as much funds as possible. Also in France! Below a translation of the article:


Three sisters and 10 kilometre per foot for a good cause

Three young girls from Grasse are walking 10 kilometres during the Mini March in Holland to raise funds for children in the Philippines.

François Laurent, Levina Raven and their three children Lisa (10), Emmy (8) and Sarah (1) are up for a challenge. They are going to walk 10 kilometres for the Raven for Kids Foundation founded by John Raven, the father of Levina Raven. A foundation supporting underprivileged children in the Philippines. To reach this goal this family living in Grasse is traveling to the native country of Levina Raven, the Netherlands. To Sittard in the south of the Netherlands.

Since 1963 an annual march of 50 miles (80 kilomtres) is being organised. The legend tells that John F. Kennedy, former president of the United States, was wondering whether mankind was still able to fulfill 50 miles within 20 hours. In Sittard they decided to proof this is still possible and this is how the Kennedy March was founded. "Every year both amateurs and professionals are participating. There is a big march and one of 10 kilometres. Because our girls wanted to participate, we subscribed them to the Mini March", says François Laurent. A great opportunity to promote their foundation.

Finding contributors

It remains difficult for François and Levina to find contributors. "We're just a couple of volunteers and besides family and friends it is difficult to find other contributors." At the kitchen table Lisa, Emmy and Sarah are preparing sponsor letters. "We help five handicapped children. And recently we donated a wheelchair to Camille." Driven by the spirit of their parents, Lisa and Emmy want to contribute to Raven for Kids as well. "They emptied their piggy bank and gave part of it to these poor kids, and they sorted out old toys which they are planning to sell at a flee market to raise money. Regularly we are sending the kids old clothes of Lisa, Emmy and Sarah as well."

Training and preparation

To be able to walk 10 kilometres together with the whole family, proper traning needs to be in place. The three sisters already started to practice for the march. "We already walked short distances of which one of 3 kilometre together with grandpa. We also cycled a lot and soon we are going to practice near the sea in Villeneuve", explains Lisa. Deeply touched by the problem, Lisa and Emmy want to follow their parents. "To help poor children and raise money", they say in unison. On the day itself they will wear t-shirts with the logo of Raven for Kids and they'll become the ambassadors of the Raven for Kids Foundation. The march will take place on the 30th of March.

For more information and to make a donation have a look on this website and like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ravenforkids.