• Raven for Kids Getting DIRTY for a GOOD cause
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
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Camille can see the sun again & we visited the foundation!

It has been a while, end July 2012 we traveled to the Philippines with the whole family: Sander, Ellen, François, Levina, Sarah and John. A huge adventure!

Of course we visited the foundation and our special need kids. Our programme was as follows:

  • visiting Camille, Cynthia and Dianne. Cynthia is doing very well. She enjoys life and sings all day long. Unfortunately her therapeutic shoes do not fit anymore which means that Cynthia cannot walk independently anymore. We have to make sure she gets new shoes.
  • also visiting Camille was rewarding. At the end of 2011 we started a stroller project to raise money so we could buy a stroller for Camille. And we made it!
  • we also visited Dianne. Proudly she showed us her rings and bracelets. She loves jewelry! Dianne does not go outside anymore and spends her days on a matras inside the house. Because of that her spine grow crooked.
  • Lisa and Emmy cleaned and sorted their closets at the beginning of the summer and donated their toys and clothing to the kids in the Philippines. A great initiative!


Click for the pictures of our trip!

Our trip to the foundation gave us a lot of energy to start new projects and to make sure these children get a better life. Our action list:

  • an American stroller for Dianne, Arman and Yves
  • therapeutic shoes for Cynthia
  • education for all five special need kids
  • collecting toys, clothing and shoes

A huge thank you to all the sponsors who helped us the last year!


Single mom Cindy no longer part of project


In December 2011 John visits the foundation in the Philippines!


Cynthia turned 9 years old and we celebrated it!


Camille needs a new wheelchair and you can help her!

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