• Raven for Kids Getting DIRTY for a GOOD cause
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
  • Raven for Kids Giving CHILDREN a BETTER future
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Our kids need help!

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Our projects we do together...

The Raven for Kids Foundation executes and manages its own projects. Meaning that we decide which projects we start and how we execute those projects. Therefore all available funds are donated to those who need it most.


In 2004 we started our first project: Kayagape. Over the years this project developed itself into a fully fledged project in which we were giving more than 180 children concrete and direct help. Nutrition, education and medical care. On top of that Kayagape teaches parents how to take care of their kids and how they can help creating a proper future for them. In 2010 we transfered the project to the local church community. These volunteers are continuing the work with a lot of love and devotion.

Special need kids

Our main project is to provide structural aid to disabled children. Giving these kids the nutrition and medical care they need makes them enjoy better living conditions. This project started in 2008 with one girl, Cynthia, and in the meantime the project grow into one group of at least five special need children who all need our attention and care.

A young girl having hydrocephalus. In January 2002 Cynthia already underwent an operation for her disease. We met this cheerful girl in 2008.

Her well-being is being affected by sudden seizures which can be reduced by the use of specific medicines. In July 2009 we offered Cynthia therapeutic shoes to walk independently. Her family is very happy to see the progress of their daughter. So are we of course! We will continue our support and commitment to help this young happy little girl.

Arman is a complete different child. Born as a healthy baby boy he experienced encephalitis at the age of 2. This led to his current condition.

Arman sits in a wooden playpen in a dark spot of the small house. He looks pale and seems to be undernourished. According to his brother, who is taking care of him, Arman is a shy boy. He keeps hanging his head down and moves timidly around. The fingers of his both hands in his mouth, like he wants to eat them. Sad to witness. Just one of many who need our help.

Sadly, Arman passed away on December 27, 2013.

Camille is born two month early. When Camille was 10 months old she suffered from cerebral palsy.

Until today she experiences seizures which occur twice to three times a month. Despite her illness Camille is a bright young girl. She loves jewelry and popstars. Recently, we donated a second-hand stroller to Camille so she is able to go outside and enjoy the open air.

Also Dianne came into the world too early. After seven months and three weeks of pregnancy.

The first months were very difficult. Only after 8 months they noticed that Dianne was having often a lot of fever and seizures. Sometimes once or twice a week. Just like Camille, also Dianne needs an American stroller. Without such a means of transportation Dianne cannot see daylight...

Just like many kids in the Philippines also Yves was a preterm infant. When Yves turned 8 months old he suffered from an epileptic attack which caused cerebral palsy.

Nevertheless Yves is a cheerful young boy. His parents accept his fate and are taking care of him the best they can with a lot of love, attention and care. We can help Yves by providing nutrition, medical care and education.



Micro loans

Raven for Kids grants micro loans to families who wish to build their own income and future. This can be done by for example starting a store or buying a taxi bicycle with which they can transport others.